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Ep 82: Ali Siddiq

Ali Siddiq is on of the funniest comics you'll see today.  He's been seen on Showtime's "Bill Bellamy's Ladies Night Out Comedy Tour" and is a finalist in the Comedy Central Up Next Contest.  We spoke outside of a Starbucks in Houston while his son watched Netflix on his phone.

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Ep 81: Greg Warren

One of my best friends in the whole world and a hilarious comic, my buddy Greg Warren is finally on the podcast!  Greg's been on Comedy Central (Premium Blend and Comedy Central Presents), Craig Ferguson, and is a favorite on The Bob & Tom Show.  Greg and I discuss how he started doing standup, living in LA, St. Louis, Cincinnati, and now NYC.  We also hear tales of adventure as Greg recalls our many fun road trips and shows on the road.  A great listen.

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Ep 80: John Ramsey

John Ramsey is an Austin based comic that's been seen on Conan O'Brien, Live at Gotham on Comedy Central, NickMom Nite Out, and Churchill Live in Kenya... yes, the country of Kenya!!  He's also an attorney.  He took a year off from comedy and moved to Kenya to do pro-bono law work for The International Justice Mission.  He obviously is a way better human being than most of us and to top it off he's a hilarious comedian!!  From the green room of the Joke Joint Comedy Showcase we talk about all this stuff and more!!  Enjoy!!

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Ep 79: Isaac Witty

Isaac Witty is a comic from Tulsa, OK who's been on David Letterman and Comedy Central.  I sit down with Isaac in Houston and we discuss performing on David Letterman when Tom Green was guest host and comedy in all the places he's lived like LA, NYC, Tulsa, and Minneapolis.

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Ep 78: Lew Temple of Walking Dead

From a coffee shop just outside of Los Angeles I talk with my old friiend Lew Temple.  Lew is best known as Axel on the AMC hit show THE WALKING DEAD. He's also been seen in movies like The Lone Ranger, Unstoppable, Lawless, Halloween, The Devil's Rejects, Waitress, and countless TV shows such as Walker Texas Ranger, Justified, NCIS: Los Angeles, and Hawaii Five-0 to name a few.  Lew and I met years ago when he lived in Houston. 

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Ep 77: Allan Havey

Comedian/Actor Allan Havey joins me in Los Angeles.  Born in St. Louis and raised in Florida, Allan's been on HBO with two 1/2 hour comedy specials, David Letterman ten times, The Tonight show with Johnny Carson, hosted his own talk show Night After Night with Allan Havey in the early days of Comedy Central, Internal Affairs with Richard Gere, and been recently seen on Mad Men and The Office.  Allan's been a personal favorite of mine for years and I was extremely happy to have him on the show.  

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Ep 76: Godfrey 2 Shut Up Bob

Godfrey joins me for his second time on the podcast and leaves a big impression as I interrupt him a few times and we re-name the show The Shut Up Bob Podcast.  Godfrey has great insight into NYC vs. LA and he's very funny.

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Ep 75: Gerald Torregosa All American

My former podcast co-host and best buddy Gerald Torregosa joins me for a very special episode.  Gerald is a student at The New York Film Academy and he is trying to get funding for his short film The All American.  Hear why Gerald needs your help and what you can do to pitch in.

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Ep 74: Dennis Regan & Sandwich Liquid

Comedian Dennis Regan has been seen on David Letterman, The Tonight Show, Showtime, and Comedy Central among other things.  He also was a writer on seasons six through nine on the CBS sitcom The King of Queens.  We also just ate at Beef & Bun BBQ so we're full of food.

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Ep 73: Tony Soprano is Dead!

Reed Becker joins me via SKYPE and we discuss the death of James Gandolfini, George Zimmer of the Men's Wearhouse gets fired, Atlanta DJ's get fired for horrible bit about former New Orleans Saint and ALS patient Steve Gleason, and Paula Deen may have used the n-word.

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Ep 72: Let's Prancercise!

My buddy Reed Becker joins me as co-host this week via SKYPE.  You may remember Reid from Episode 50: GYMKATA with commentary.  We discuss working out with Prancercise, protein, I tell the story of me getting robbed at a storage place, Season 4 of Arrested Development, all the TV shows mocking internet videos, Olympic wrestling, UFC, why you shouldn't wash raw chicken in the sink, how to win an argument, and much more.  We had fun on this one.  Reid's audio is a little below par in some parts due to his internet connection and Jewness (he said that).

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Ep 71: Cruisin' & Poutine

After a month off Bob is back!!  Bob talks about his first Carnival Cruise performance, and travels to Honduras, Cozumel, Montreal, New York City, and Cincinnati.  I got to eat poutine, pizza, hot dogs, buffets and chili on these trips.  Hear about all the fun!!

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Ep 70: Seth Payne

Seth Payne played 10 years in the NFL for the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Houston Texans after an All-Ivy League career at Cornell University.  He's now a sports radio host on the #1 Sports talk station in Houston, SportsRadio 610.  Today he sits down with Bobby Biggs for a fun filled chat about fat guys portraying football players in movies, getting on stage for a roast, running away from home, upstate NY, his NFL combine experience, being a radio talk show host, taking Twitter criticism, and other fun stuff.  Enjoy!!

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Ep 69: Bobby Lee

From the green room of the Houston Improv I speak with comedian/actor Bobby Lee.  You've seen him on Mad TV, Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle, Pineapple Express, Kickin' It Old Skool, and the NBC sitcom Animal Practice, as well as many other shows.  Bobby is a bundle of energy and a lot of fun to talk with.  Enjoy!

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Ep 68: Sheng Wang

Sheng Wang is a Houston raised comic who honed his comedic skills in San Francisco and now calls NYC home.  He's been seen on Comedy Central in his own half hour special, Live at Gotham, and John Oliver's New York Stand Up Show.  We sat outside at a coffee shop and talked while I ate carrot cake and drank soda.  We talk about Sheng's NYC life and struggles, and we each take a break to go poo.  Enjoy!

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Ep 67: Doug Stanhope & Dave Attell

From the greenroom of the Houston Improv I talk with Doug Stanhope and Dave Attell on the same podcast!!  Two of the greatest comics ever on my podcast!!  Enjoy guys!!!  And a Louisville basketball player breaks his leg in the Elite 8 of the NCAA tournament.

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Ep 66: Enjoy Foul!!

From a Buffalo Wild Wings in Houston it's a very special podcast mashup.  John Wessling of the Ripped Foul Podcast and comedian Sean Rouse join me as we eat wings and talk sports.  It's a mashup as both John and I are posting this podcast on our respective sights.  We discuss the Texans and the Astros as well as eat wings.  Good times.

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Ep 65: His last name is Dinklage

Bob has filled out a shitty bracket for this years March Madness, Bob on Vine, reviews of Olympus Has Fallen, Admission, 24, Punching the Clown and is Peter Dinklage not the perfect name for a little person?

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Ep 64: Soda Ban!!!

From the Shibui Compound in Houston, TX I discuss the NYC soda ban, March Madness, Elvis Dumervil needs a new agent, The incredible Bert Wonderstone, The Call, why you need to go all in if your movie is rated R, Dead Man Down and a tribute to my buddy Scott Kennedy (RIP).  Watch this video of Scott 

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Ep 63: Ben Bailey

From the greenroom of the Houston Improv it's comic and host of Discovery Channel's Cash Cab, Ben Bailey.  Ben discusses how he got in to doing standup, getting Cash Cab, and other fun stuff while his girlfriend, friend, and Matthew Broussard sit in.  Be sure and check out Ben's standup special Road Rage here or on Netflix.

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Ep 62: Grumpy Bob

Short episode.  I'm not in a very festive mood.  I saw a few movies, my buddy's computer is crammed with porn, I may enter a 3 point shooting contest, and some guy got swallowed up in a sinkhole.  Who gives a shit!

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Ep 61: Oscar Madness!!

It's Oscar time and I read all my tweets made during the broadcast.  What fun!!  I also discuss the IKEA meatball scandal, Manti Te'o and the NFL combine and is he gay, UFC 157 and Rhonda Rousey, and the Bladerunner Oscar Pistorius along with his murder accused brother and the cop in charge of Oscar's case is also accused of attempted murder.  Check out this new exercise video from my friends Paul Oddo, Sara Tollemache, and Lucas Harvie The QUAD.  And here's my NFL combine video

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Ep 60: John Gard

From the Hotel Sorella in Houston, TX I talk to my buddy, comedian John Gard.  John recently moved to Los Angeles and is currently on tour with Pablo Francisco.  We discuss LA and Houston comedy, and John is high during this podcast.

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Ep 59: Get That Nash Bridges $$$

A gig in San Angelo, Identity Thief and Rex Reed's review, Don Johnson wins $19 million in Nash Bridge's money, the Golden State Warriors have uniforms with sleeves, Mountain Dew has a new breakfast drink, Carnival Cruise Lines has a fire and a new employee, and listener questions are answered.

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Ep 58: Super Bowl 47 Commercials

A special episode where I review all the commercials played during Super Bowl 47!!  I'm drunk typing this!!

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Ep 57: Bubble Bath Fun

Another special episode as I am taking a Hello Kitty bubble bath while recording.  I answer viewer questions as they come in on twitter.  I discuss a fan email, Royce White, my MLB Fan Cave submission video, NFL All-Pro game, Pete Rose, movies I saw like Movie 43, Hansel & Gretel, The Last Stand, I Saw The Devil, and other poop.

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Ep 56: Dave Attell REDUX!

A very special episode as I've taken Episode 1 with Dave Attell from Jan 2012 and added Bob commentary.  It's a new podcast because I comment throughout the episode.  I really think I'm on to something here.  I hope you like it or enjoy it would be better.

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Ep 55: Sebastian Maniscalco

Sebastian Maniscalco really wanted to be a stand up comic and he did sets while on a 1/2 hour break from his hotel job when he started out.  That hard work paid off as he's had Comedy Central and Showtime specials and been seen on Conan, The Tonight Show, and George Lopez.  

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Ep 54: Best of 2012 (Part 2)

A recap of the last 26 episodes of 2012.  Guests include Paul Varghese, Mike MacRae, Donnie Baker, Maz Jabroni, Sean Patton, Sugar Sammy, JR Brow, Andy Huggins, Ali Wong, Paul Oddo, Paul Hooper, Matthew Broussard.

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Ep 53: Best of 2012! (Part 1)

A very special episode as I recap the first 26 episodes of The Enjoy Guys Podcast.  Clips from Dave Attell. Phil Hendrie, Sean Rouse, Frank Caliendo, Brody Stevens, Baron Vaughn, John Caparulo, Jon Reep, Godfrey, Gay Tom Cruise impressions, Tim Kurkjian impression, Gerald gets pissed at a fan email, and other funny stuff.  Enjoy!!!

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