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Ep 52: Djokovic Loves Donkey Cheese

Novak Djokovic really like's donkey cheese, 65 yr old Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones marries his 34 yr old girlfriend, a really dumb Wheel of Fortune contestant, a fat frog that sits like a human, the NFL, and the Josh Hamilton trade are all discussed this week!!

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Ep 51:  Cameron Douglas Beatdown!

Bob talks about performing at a crappy holiday party, Michael Douglas' son gets beat up in prison, Matt Damon turned down the Heath Ledger part in Brokeback Mountain, Jackie Chan gets cast in Expendables 3, and crazy people with guns, and other poop!

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Ep 50: Gymkata w/Bob Commentary

This is the 50th episode!!  It's a special episode as Bob and comedian buddy Reed Becker watch and comment on the 1985 classic film Gymkata.  Gymkata stars 1984 Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Thomas.  It is one of the worst yet greatest movies ever.  Directed by the guy who directed Enter The Dragon Robert Clouse has the distinction of directing the best and worst Kung Fu movies ever.  Bob's incredibly worthless film knowledge is put on display as he knows things about every 3rd rate actor in this film.   I hope you enjoy our commentary.  Enjoy.

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Ep 49: Roasting & Movies

From my efficiency apartment I talk my Thanksgiving weekend at Cap City Comedy Club in Austin, I share jokes from my performance at the 610am Roast of Rich Lord, NFL Week 13, and all the movies i've seen like the new Red Dawn (with the formerly fat kid from Drake & Josh), Wreck It Ralph, and Skyfall.

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Ep 48: Mystery Guest with Bob Commentary!

A bad interview I did with a comedian a few months ago.  He didn't want me to post it so I edited out any time his name is spoken.  I also decided to do commentary like when you watch the directors commentary on a DVD.  I'm getting over the flu so my voice sounds even crappier in the commentary.  I think you'll enjoy it.  Try and figure out who the guest is and leave a comment on the website or iTunes.

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Ep 47: ASIA & UFC

From the Bob Compound I talk NFL, UFC 154, seeing 80's supergroup ASIA in concert, playing Madden 13, a shitty gig, and more.

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Ep 46: Andy Huggins

From his humble abode in Houston I talk with one of my oldest comedy friends Andy Huggins.  Andy is an original Outlaw Comic and is a featured player in the Bill Hicks documentary American: The Bill Hicks Story.  We discuss his 25+ years in comedy, The Outlaw comedy days, the Bill Hicks doc, comedy boom of the 80's, how to get stage time, and as is typical of this podcast it's all over the place and has no order.  Enjoy!

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Ep 45: JR Brow

Next to the dumpster behind the Comedy Showcase in Houston I talk with one of my oldest comedy buddies JR Brow.  JR is a nationally known Austin based comedian who you may have seen on Craig Ferguson and Comedy Central as well as other shows.  We discuss gigs we've done together, favorite clubs, I interrupt him, and former owner of the Laff Spot and Laff Stop in Houston, Don Lerned walks by.  I also tell the infamous story of getting money from Don after he strong armed me.

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Ep 44: I Have Monster Energy!!

Bob rants about a horrible podcast interview with a well known comic he won't post, Monster Energy Drink Deaths, eating wings, going to the Renaissance Fest, watching and playing rugby, the NFL, Marcus Lattimore's gruesome knee injury, Frank Caliendo on ESPN Sunday NFL Countdown, and that stupid Eddie Money GEICO commercial.

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Ep 43: Sugar Sammy

From the green room of the Houston Improv I talk with international comedy superstar Sugar Sammy.  Sammy is a Canadian, comedic tour de force who performs in English, French, Punjabi, and Hindi to sold out audiences the world over.  Sammy talks of his comedic origins, his made it moment and what its like performing in different languages and different countries.

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Ep 42: Sean Patton

From the greenroom of the Addison Improv I speak with Brooklyn, NY based comedian Sean Patton.  Sean's been seen on Conan, Jimmy Fallon, and Comedy Central among other shows.  We discuss NY comedy, clubs he hates and Victorian style.  His Twitter is @mrseanpatton

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Ep 41:  Terry Hollas... Canadian

From the Comedy Cave in Calgary, AB Canada I speak with Canadian comic Terry Hollas.  Terry is the "comedy consultant" and house emcee for the Comedy Cave.  We discuss his past in radio, comedy in Grand Prarie, the history of the Cave, and the differences in US and Canadian comedy.  Special intro by acting icon Peter O'Toole

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Ep 40: Aaron Aryanpur

From the Houston Improv greenroom I talk with Dallas based comedian Aaron Aryanpur.  We talk of the Dallas comedy scene, how he bailed on the 1st Annual Moontower Comedy Festival to watch the birth of his son, paying it forward, Last Comic Standing, and other stuff.  You can hear Maz Jobrani in the background on stage.  Special Introduction by acting icon Michael Douglas.

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Ep 39: Maz Jobrani

From the greenroom of the Houston Improv I talk with comedian Maz Jobrani.  Maz is an Iranian born American stand up comic and actor that has been seen on The Axis of Evil Comedy Central Special and Tour, The Tonight Show, Craig Ferguson, Showtime, Friday After Next, The Knights of Prosperity, Law & Order, The Interpreter, and many other TV shows and movies. 

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Ep 38: Bob Talk

In this very special episode Bob is by himself.  He discusses farting, lawn work, Strike Back, Andy Sidaris films, watching new TV pilots on the internet early, Resident Evil 6, Mike Birbiglia's SleepWalk With Me, and he reads his latest tweets.  It's only a half hour episode so have a listen and get off my sack.

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Ep 37: Paul Oddo

From the greenroom of the Houston Improv right after his first time on the Improv stage I talk with my hilarious good buddy Paul Oddo.  Paul is from Houston and has lived in NYC for over 5 years.  We discuss Paul being a NYC comic and the highs and lows of NY comedy.  Paul has let me stay on his couch in NYC numerous times.  You may be able to hear Harland Williams in the background as he is on stage during this podcast.

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Ep 36: Mike MacRae

This one is fun.  In Austin I sit down with one of my best friends, Mike MacRae.  Mike is a comedian who does some great impressions like Liam Neeson, Harrison Ford, and Vince Vaughn.  He's been seen on David Letterman, Comedy Central, NESN's Comedy All-Stars, the Bob and Tom Show, and was a cast member on the TBS show Frank TV.  Mike and I reminisce about the old Houston Laff Stop days and what it was like from '98-04 in the Houston comedy scene.  Mike also drops his newest impression of me and I debut my new podcast theme song enjoy! 

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Ep 35: Donnie Baker

From the world famous Bob and Tom radio show I talk to Donnie Baker.  Donnie has been calling in to Bob and Tom for over 7 years and is one of the most popular contributors to the show.  Donnie is a man among boys when it comes to telling it like it is.  He's a true renaissance man in that he's a comedian, musician, and chick magnet.  I hope you enjoy this interview with Donnie as much as I enjoyed talking to him.

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Ep 34: Paul Hooper

From the green room of The Comedy Showcase in Houston, I talk with comedian Paul Hooper.  Paul has been featured at the HBO Comedy Fest, the Boston Comedy Fest, Michael Moore and Jeff Garlin's Traverse City Comedy Arts Festival, the Vancouver Comedy Fest, and was a finalist in the 30th Annual Seattle International Comedy Competition. We discuss his move to and living in NYC, working the road, and I interrupt him a lot.

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Ep 33: Ali Wong

Bob sits down with his first female comedian guest on the podcast, Ali Wong.  Ali has performed on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”, the FOX series “Breaking In”, E!’s “50 Super Epic TV Moments”, and can be seen in Oliver Stone’s “Savages”.  She was also a cast member of the NBC series "Are You There Chelsea?"

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Ep 32: Matthew Broussard

In the cafe at Whole Foods I talk with Houston comic Matthew Broussard.  With only a year under his comedy belt, Matthew won the Funniest Person in Houston contest and the Houston Improv's Stand-Up Stand-off competition.  While Matthew eats a smelly noodle bowl that he brought from home we talk about his comedy goals, his Jewness, Monday Punday, and I offer him plenty of advice.  

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Ep 31: Paul Varghese & Chelsea Hood

Dallas based comedians Paul Varghese and Chelsea Hood join me in the Houston Improv green room.  Paul has been seen on Comedy Central's Live at Gotham, Gabriel Iglesias Presents Stand-Up Revolution, Russell Peters Presents, and Last Comic Standing. Chelsea is a regular on the new syndicated morning show Eye Opener Live.  We discuss both of their starts in standup comedy, Paul opening for Dave Chappelle at the infamous Austin show, and Chelsea eats nachos like a champ.

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Ep 30: Exclusive Daniel Tosh Audio!!

In this thrilling episode Bob discusses The Dark Knight Rises, his day of wrestling in 5th grade, comedy in McAllen, Taco Palenque, Gerry (not Jerry) Sandusky, Daniel Johnston in concert, and Angry Bird gummies.  Also don't miss the exclusive audio of Daniel Tosh at the Laugh Factory telling his infamous rape joke and it's immediate aftermath.

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Ep 29: Gerald's Moving To NYC

In this special episode Bob and Gerald drive around the Montrose area of Houston in Bob's PT Cruiser.  Gerald discusses his move to NYC.  They also order Whataburger at the drive thru.

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Ep 28: Bob's Sports History

Bob opens up about his sports playing history.  From jr high through college at University of Houston Bob tells of his athletic history and prowess.  Problems at the movie theater, Magic Mike hotdogs, TED, UFC 148 and Wimbledon projections, and more travel adventures.

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Ep 27: Pizza, Chicago, St. Louis

Bob eats an entire large frozen pizza during this episode.  He also discusses how he got in to the Chicago Just For Laughs Comedy Festival and his performance.  Also discussed is Bob's week at the St Louis Funny Bone, the Bob and Tom Show live remote at Lumiere Casino, taking the bus from Chicago to St. Louis and how did Bob get to be so famous!

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Ep 26: The Highs and Lows with Joe Lehnig

Bob just performed at the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Chicago and is in St. Louis getting ready to work the Funny Bone Comedy Club.  Because he's so popular he took the bus from Chicago to St. Louis and is now staying at Funny Bone door man Joe Lehnig's apartment for a few days.  Joe tells some interesting stories of his foster siblings and working at the Funny Bone.  Don't miss the hotel shuttle story at the end.

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Ep 25: Godfrey

From the lobby of an undisclosed hotel in Houston, I talk with comedian Godfrey.  You know Godfrey from Chelsea Lately, Comedian, I am Comic, Comedy Central, Louie, 30 Rock, Soul Plane, Zoolander, and he was the 7up guy.  We discuss the state of comedy, the importance of stage time, the alternative scene, who shouldn't do comedy, and other stuff.  Check out Godfrey's Youtube series The Village Idiot and find him on twitter @godfreycomedian

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Ep 24: Geoff Tate/Tom Dustin

From Blue Ash, Ohio while working Go Bananas Comedy ClubGeoff Tate shares the greatest story I've ever heard about how he got to perform on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.  Geoff is a hilarious, Cincinnati based comedian thats been on Comedy Central's Live at Gotham and The Bob & Tom Show.  Tom Dustin is a very funny Boston based comic.  In this episode we discuss Rihanna getting punched, her role in Battleship, superhero movies, and other crap.

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Ep 23: Gerald's vAngina

Gerald is having some trouble with his angina pectoris during the recording of this episode.  A fan of the show sends an email praising Bob and ripping Gerald.  Gerald responds in his usual manner.  Bob talks about having to use the assistive touch (ghost) button on his iPhone4.  Short show.

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Ep 22: Matt Sadler

This is an interview I forgot I did with the very funny Matt Sadler at the Moontower Comedy & Oddity Fest in Austin back in April.  Matt is a stand up comic and co-host of the wildly popular Austin based podcast The Charlie Hodge Show

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Ep 21: That's Travolting!!

John Travolta wants male masseuse sex and we introduce the phrase That's Travolting!!  Gerald doesn't want to get fat like Bob, if you see Bob walking give him a ride, Dog Days, sleeping jurors at Roger Clemens steroid trial, Shaq's a bitch, Floyd Mayweather, and Bob's Mom tells him she put him on a "behaviorial modification program" when he was a child.

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Ep 20: Fat Boy Food Trucks

Bob and Gerald are back together for Episode 20.  Food trucks, Mad Men, The Boss, Houstons Funniest Person Contests, Bob closes all the Bennigans, Bob's parents backyard funhouse, Bob gets bitten buy an ant and other s**t is discussed.

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Ep 19: Brody Stevens

Comedian Brody Stevens has been seen in The Hangover, The Hangover 2, Due Date, Tosh.0, and has done stand-up on The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn and Last Comic Standing.  He's been a warm-up comic for Chelsea Lately and The Best Damn Sports Show Period.  Brody sits down with Bob in the lobby of the Radisson Hotel at the Moontower Comedy Festival in Austin, TX. 

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Episode 18: Baron Vaughn

Live from the Moontower Comedy & Oddity Festival in Austin, TX Bob talks to comedian Baron Vaughn.  Baron is a cast member of the current hit USA drama Farily Legal and has had roles in Cloverfield and the hilarious Black Dynamite.  He's performed stand-up on Conan, Comedy Central's Live at Gotham, Lopez Tonight, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and Russell Simmons Presents: Stand-Up at the El-Ray among other shows.  Baron gives some great insight into what it's like to perform on a late night show and Bob interrupts him frequently.  Enjoy.

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Episode 17: Frank Caliendo

Comedian/impressionist Frank Caliendo sits down with Bob in the Houston Improv green room.  Frank is currently a cast member of the FOX NFL Sunday pregame show.  His impressions range from Charles Barkley to John Madden, GW Bush, Dr. Phil, and Al Pacino (among many others).  Frank has been all over your television in recent years as a cast member of MadTV, Hype, Frank TV, and a role in The Comebacks.  Bob gets a little history about Frank from how he started in comedy up to his big Las Vegas show which ran all last year.  His Twitter is @FrankCaliendo Follow him!!

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Episode 16: Bobby Petrino in a neck brace

Bob eats an Original Thick Burger from the new Carl's Jr., Gerald is back, Bob inserts Jewish slurs into Mel Gibson movies, one of Bob's favorite movies Excalibur, Bob tries parmesan garlic wings from BWW, Ark. coach Bobby Petrino gets fired, Texas Rangers create a Yu Darvish inspired hot dog, Alicia Silverstone feeds her kid like a bird, a soccer player poses for pic with child and a Playboy magazine, Vince Carter misses a dunk, Gerald talks of the Duke curse, and so called scratch golfers.

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Episode 15: Solo Bob

Bob goes at it alone in this episode. Luckily Bob is at the Tunica Funnybone and he has the Paula Deen Buffet at the Harrah's Casino in Tunica, MS to help him.  Bob discusses the buffet, Game of Thrones, Spartacus, The Raid: Redemption, Mirror Mirror, The Men's and Womens Final Four, Graceland, and a waitress that gets jobbed out of a $12,000 tip.  I think this episode will show that Bob misses Gerald.

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Episode 14: Gerald Gets Fired?

A new theme song by Henry Phillps and Craig Robinson and Bob seriously considers replacing Gerald throughout this episode.  When you hear how unfunny this one is you'll agree.  I mean Bob is hilarious but Gerald just bitches.  He's a titty bar DJ for Christs sake and Bob has been on The Weather Channel and New England Sports Network!!  Gallagher has a heart attack and Bob gets his week, Bob pulls out his Tim Kurkjian (ESPN's Baseball Tonight) impression, March Madness, Bert Sugar, MLB and Bob's pooping habits are discussed.  Bob writes these descriptions by the way.

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Episode 13: Jim Jefferies

Bob talks to Australian stand-up comedian Jim Jefferies in his hotel room in Houston.  Jim is a popular international comedian that's been seen on HBO (I Swear To God, Down and Dirty With Jim Norton), Showtime (Alcoholocaust and The Green Room With Paul Provenza), among other shows.  Topics discussed include Jim's start in comedy, drinking, Jim's favorite porn sites, comedy in Australia and England, The Edinburgh Comedy Festival and his TV pilot.  Of course Bob interrupts Jim from time to time.  Feel free to leave comments and rate us on itunes.  Jim has his own very popular podcast with Eddie Ifft called Jim and Eddie Talk S**t

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Episode 12: Phil Hendrie

After a wonderful brunch Bob spends an hour driving around sunny Oxnard, CA with radio personality Phil Hendrie of the world famous Phil Hendrie Show.  A comedy talk radio program that is syndicated throughout North America. His show has become renowned for its unique and controversial guests (actually fictional characters created and voiced by Hendrie himself).  In addition to starring on radio you may have heard his voice on shows like King of the Hill, Team America: World Police, Futurama, Napolean Dynamite and seen him on Modern Family, New Girl, or Semi-Pro among many other things.  This was a fun hour driving around in Phil's car talking comedy, the NFL, Michael Richards,  stopping for Starbucks and just shooting the s***.

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Episode 11: Farts, SPANX, and P***s Biting with Sean Rouse Post-op

Gerald returns to the podcast as Bob is back in Houston.  Bob wails on the SPANX billionaire lady, farts, Bob's Los Angeles trip, iPad3, waiting in line for a hot dog, multiple recent p***s biting incidents, and moils.  The final 12 minutes is a bonus interview with our buddy Sean Rouse post-op the day after having double knee replacement surgery.  Enjoy Guys!!

Direct download: episiode11.mp3
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Episode 10: Henry Phillips & Craig Robinson

Episode 10 begins with Henry Phillips and Craig Robinson (Darryl from The Office) singing an original song to Bob about his podcast.  Henry Phillips is a guitar playing stand up comic who has been on Comedy Central, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Late Friday's, and is a favorite on the Bob & Tom radio show.  Most recently he wrote and starred in the hilarious semi autobiographical film Punching the Clown (available on iTunes, Netflix, and Amazon).  In this episode Henry discusses his start in comedy, his Dad's turn in Porky's 2, bagels, and life in Hollywood.  CRAIG ROBINSON from the hit NBC sitcom The Office and Hot Tub Time Machine makes a surprise guest appearance in the first 20 minutes (in case you didn't read the first sentence).

Direct download: HenryPhillips.mp3
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Episode 9: Fred Stoller

Fred Stoller appeared on almost every standup comedy show in the late 80's and early 90's.  From the Tonight Show (with yodelers) to David Letterman (the day the space shuttle Challenger exploded) to the 13th Annual Young Comedians Special on HBO (with Rob Schneider and David Spade).  You've also seen him in Dumb & Dumber as the guy who gets punched out at the phone booth and in Seinfeld as Fred, the guy who doesn't remember meeting Elaine.  Now a successful guest star on numerous TV Shows like Wizards of Waverly Place, Hannah Montana, and Handy Mandy.  Fred recently wrote a Kindle single about his experiences as a writer on Seinfeld for one year entitled "My Seinfeld Year" If you're a Seinfeld fan it's the best $1.99 you'll ever spend.  Fred also has a movie that he wrote called Fred & Vinnie which is currently playing at film festivals nationwide.  Fred has been one of my favorite comedians since before I even started doing standup so getting to interview him was an honor.  I hope you like it.

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Episode 8: Sean Rouse

The incomparable Sean Rouse joins Bob the day before he enters the hospital to have double knee replacement surgery.  Among other topics discussed are Sean's start in stand up, shooting a sitcom pilot with Cedric The Entertainer, having arthritis, medical marajuana, making fun of Bob while high, and why does Bob get irritable when he hasn't eaten.  Sean has been seen on Comedy Central's Premium Blend, The Dave Attell Insomniac Tour, Late Fridays and is a favorite among comics.

Direct download: enjoyRouse_2.mp3
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Episode 7: Jon Reep

You've seen comedian Jon Reep as the winner of NBC's Last Comic Standing Season 5 or you know him as the "Hemi guy" from numerous Dodge commercials, Comedy Central Specials, and the sitcom Rodney on ABC.  Jon joins Bob in the green room of the Stardome Comedy Club in Birmingham, AL where they discuss Last Comic Standing, acting in commercials, getting in to comedy, movies and what a great week we just had.  Owner of the Stardome Bruce Ayers sits in and tells a great early Jon Reep story.  Some good comedy insider information in this episode. This is a mashup podcast.  It will be also available on Jon's podcast, Last Pod Casting

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Episode 6: Aderezo Estilo (Ranch Dip)

The guys eat a bag of chips with ranch dip while discussing the Grammys, shitty Hooters waitresses/wings, new theme songs for the show, Jeremy Lin, Phantom Menace in 3D, the comedy evaluator pro, dry erase board notes, what Bob's comedy would be like if he played a musical instrument, cock songs, viewer male, and Bob reads his last 10 tweets.  That should be enough, right?

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Episode 5.1: Super Bowl Commercials

In this very special episode Bob and Gerald analyze and review all the commercials from Super Bowl 46 (that we actually saw).  Then we review all the big movie trailers that premiered too.  As an added bonus we recorded the guys driving to Jack in the Box to buy the new Bacon Cheeseburger BLT that they saw in a commercial during the game.

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Episode 5: Dry Erase Board Chronicles

It's episode 5 and Bob got his Mom to do an intro for the show.  Topics discussed are Gerald's new dry erase board for improving the show, Bob pleasuring himself to Soul Train and Club MTV, the Super Bowl, The Expendables 2, a challenge to Chuck Norris, one of Bob's favorite movies as a kid The Sword & The Sorcerer, a trip to a San Angelo Pizza Hut with Chase Durousseau, and other poop.

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Episode 4: John Caparulo

John Caparulo has been on Chelsea Lately, The Tonight Show, Vince Vaughn's Wild West Comedy Show, had two Comedy Central Specials, and the short lived sitcom Work It.  John offers some great insight into the world of comedy and his career.

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Episode 3: Gerald Speak Up

New segments include Bob's Food Time and Gerald Bitches About Stuff.  We just ate at Buffalo Wild Wings and discuss Geralds sore throat, Oscar nominations, Haywire, NFL Conference Champs, the Australian Open, and more junk

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Episode 2: The Quickening

In Episode 2 we discuss a corporate gig we did earlier this night, another BW3 trip, the NFL playoffs, Blake Griffin, Rob Schneider, the Jumbaco, Bob offered free MMA lessons, strip club buffets and other junk.

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Episode 1: Dave Attell

A bad experience at Buffalo Wild Wings, the NFL playoffs, movies, and porn. Followed by an interview with Dave Attell of the Showtime hit series Dave's Old Porn. Dave is one of the most respected and popular comedians working today. You've seen him on HBO, Comedy Central, David Letterman, Conan O'Brien, The Tonight Show and everything else.

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